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Case Study East Coast Healthcare System-1


A large, East Coast healthcare system with several hundred employed physicians and an established Medical Staff Office was unexpectedly losing one of its long-term credentialing professionals. Understanding the department’s critical role in placing qualified, quality-focused physicians throughout their system on an ongoing basis, the organization knew it had to fill the position quickly, but also realized that finding the right person could take time.
On average, the organization was credentialing and privileging 70-90 providers per month. Given the volume and high demand for strong, qualified physicians, the organization needed a certified credentialing coordinator who could not only quickly and accurately assess applications, but also jump in immediately and integrate seamlessly. Anything less could result in a backlog, negatively impacting revenue or, worse, put patients at risk.

“Credentialing requires a very specific and refined skillset; it’s not something that can be done by just anyone. In working with The Hardenbergh Group, it was obvious that they understood all the things Medical Staff Services does and brought way more to the relationship than we could have ever imagined.”

- Chief Medical Officer


The client’s Director of Medical Staff Services was eager to find a qualified, permanent employee to join the organization’s credentialing team but also knew that interim support was needed to bridge the gap. With nearly 30 years of Medical Staff Office experience, she had never used a temporary contractor and was reluctant to do so in this circumstance. Only after hearing from reputable sources about The Hardenbergh Group’s strong customer service and network of experienced professionals did she reach out.

The Director was immediately impressed with the company’s prompt response and how quickly they understood her need and offered solutions. It took only one conversation. The Hardenbergh Group “got it” and was prepared to identify and present qualified candidates from its vast network of experienced Medical Services Professionals.

Shortly thereafter, the new client selected a highly skilled, highly specialized professional from Hardenbergh’s recommended candidates, who not only performed well while the client worked to identify a permanent employee to fill its credentialing position, but also delivered for the client down the road. When the health system experienced a similar situation months later, the Director – once leery of temporary support – immediately called The Hardenbergh Group to request the same contract hire again. Fortunately, the individual was available and able to return to assist the client.

Not long after the health system’s first two experiences with The Hardenbergh Group, they found themselves in need of temporary expertise once again; this time, they needed someone with a background in another specialized area: peer review. The Director didn’t hesitate to call Hardenbergh a third time for help. On this occasion, the professional stayed with the client for several months and was able to use her previous experience to bring new efficiencies to the organization’s peer review process – efficiencies that are still being used to this day

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Through a new partnership with The Hardenbergh Group, the health system sustained its thorough, efficient medical staff credentialing and privileging process, avoiding revenue losses and helping ensure the continued onboarding of high caliber providers while the search continued for a permanent employee to fill its credentialing coordinator position.

When the client needed to temporarily fill a position on its credentialing team a second time, they turned to Hardenbergh with confidence, requesting the same individual they’d worked with previously. The Hardenbergh Group responded quickly and was able to place the same temporary contractor with the client once again. The contractor’s familiarity with the client’s operations resulted in even greater productivity during this second engagement.

The client was so satisfied with and confident in The Hardenbergh Group’s ability to understand its specialized needs and place reliable, reputable talent that they engaged Hardenbergh a third time when they needed someone with peer review expertise. This professional not only filled a temporary need, but also introduced improvements that remain in place today.

“The Hardenbergh Group has such a solid reputation, which was demonstrated repeatedly throughout our partnership. They were diligent in understanding
our needs and provided a high level of service. We will continue to work with The Hardenbergh Group in the future.”

- Chief Medical Officer

“Bottom line, The Hardenbergh Group understands what we need.”

- Chief Medical Officer

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