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The Hardenbergh Huddle - "HICS: Changing the Way We Do Business"

Hardenbergh Huddle is a resource for Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) looking for useful insights and answers to questions, beginning with relevant highlights pertaining to the COVID-19 outbreak.

In this Hardenbergh Huddle, we have a special guest: Delicia Dimberg, CPCS, Director of Medical Staff Services at South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth, MA.

Delicia describes how the hospital has changed their processes to help meet the needs of patients and providers during the pandemic. She offers practical solutions and challenges Medical Services Professionals to think outside of the box.

To help ensure that we’re covering topics that are meaningful to you, please share your ideas, comments, and questions by responding directly to this post or emailing us at Huddle@HardenberghGroup.com.




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