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How We Help

Need Temporary Medical Staff Services Support?
Need Consulting Support?

Medical ServiceS Professionals

Hardenbergh identifies and screens the experienced and qualified Medical Services Professionals you need to assist you during staffing shortages, increased workloads, or special projects.  Hardenbergh can place these highly skilled professionals on a moment’s notice.
Need Interim Staffing

Consulting Solutions

Our consulting team focuses on assisting your organization in numerous ways.  From operational audits and assessments to consolidating the spectrum of practitioner administrative functions across your health system, we've done it all.  How can we help you today?
Need Consulting Help?

The Hardenbergh Group assists healthcare organizations nationwide. 

For over 25 years, The Hardenbergh Group has worked closely with our clients to deliver comprehensive solutions.  Whether your healthcare organization needs help absorbing the work associated with a new acquisition, a temporary Medical Staff Services Director to cover an unplanned absence, or guidance on how to establish an NCQA-certified CVO, we are here to serve you.   

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