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Trust Our Experience. Focus on the Future.

A Leading Provider of Temporary Staffing and Consulting Solutions

for Medical Staff Services and Credentialing

Interim Staffing

Our national network of certified and experienced Medical Services Professionals are available to assist you today.  Whether you need a specialist, coordinator, manager, or an executive, we'll place the right person to meet your specific needs.


We help healthcare organizations transform their practitioner administration functions. Our solutions improve both financial objectives and practitioner engagement. Our experts will assess your existing processes and work with you to optimize them.

Join Our Network

Are you an experienced Medical Services Professional looking to advance your career while enjoying new and varied environments, flexible working arrangements, and the freedom to travel? Learn more about joining the Hardenbergh Network.

Our Expertise

 The Hardenbergh name is synonymous with medical staff services and credentialing for good reason — our founder, Mary K. Hardenbergh, is an industry pioneer responsible for creating models for highly efficient medical staff services operations now used by healthcare organizations across the country.  We are the industry leader for interim medical staff services and credentialing support.   Our Network is comprised of professionals recognized as thought leaders and innovators within medical staff services and credentialing.  Our corporate team focuses every day on serving our clients and supporting our consultants to ensure their collective success and continued growth.  This approach continues to be the cornerstone of our firm's culture and philosophy. 

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Why Clients Choose Us

We make it easy to get help. A simple call gives you immediate access to our Network of experienced Medical Services Professionals who are available today to jump in and assist your team, no training required. Onboarding, re-credentialing, maintaining compliance, and ensuring patient safety is difficult enough when you have a full staff of experienced MSPs. The absence of a leader or staff member, a recent acquisition, or any other transition may strain your Medical Staff Services or credentialing department.  Whether you need us for a week, a year, or more — we've got you covered!

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Complex Problems.  Real Solutions.

The Hardenbergh consulting team assists healthcare organizations by assessing and solving complex problems.  We work closely with your team to design and implement solutions that achieve real results and deliver tangible benefits.  We have worked with some of the largest and most complex healthcare organizations in the country to create solutions that have become industry standards.  How can we help you?

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