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Our purpose? To elevate organizations in their unending pursuit of better.

Whether it’s temporary professional staffing, short or long-term CVO support, external peer review, consulting, or physician leadership, we deliver mission-critical solutions to our clients that drive better healthcare.



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Exceptional Healthcare Starts with Exceptional People

At Hardenbergh Group, we are stewards and protectors of healthcare organizations.

We live and breathe patient safety, quality of care, risk management and compliance, and, through each of our business lines, aim to positively transform your organization.

Mary Hardenbergh

We were founded in 1991 by Mary Hardenbergh in Detroit, Michigan. What started as a small, entrepreneurial company with a big vision has become the go-to resource for the interim staffing of MSPs, external peer review, and consulting for healthcare entities across the country. How? By never losing sight of who we serve and our passion for healthcare.

In 2019, our growth continued with the acquisition of MDReview, the leading provider of external peer review services for hospitals and health systems nationwide. Together, we strengthen our collective ability to serve our clients’ needs by being able to offer a broad line of services, all with the goal of ensuring patient safety and quality of care.

We believe we’re more than in the business of people. We’re in the practice of possibilities. We’re preparing for what’s next, sharing our knowledge and expertise, and engaging people who can deliver.

And we understand the critical importance of the work we’re asked to do for our clients and the direct correlation to quality of care.

So whether it’s a temporary need or a long-term partnership, we stand ready to assist your business. Organizations are defined by their people — and we deliver the very best.

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