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Changing the Course and Culture of Peer Review

For over 20 years, MDReview, a Hardenbergh Company, has offered external, physician peer review services to hospitals nationwide to help improve quality of care. As the only physician-led peer review service in the market, we work closely with medical staff leaders to identify and resolve physician issues impacting organizational performance. Focusing on integrity, objectivity, sensitivity, confidentiality, and timeliness, our differentiation in the market is based on our:

  • Caliber of physician reviewers (invite only)
  • Depth of network and breadth of medical specialties
  • Extensive, internal credentialing process of reviewers
  • Use of in-house, physician Medical Directors for quality assurance
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Experience with the largest U.S. health systems

We offer several types of reviews, designed to address different needs:

Comprehensive Reviews

  • Evaluation of all aspects of clinical care and specific areas of concern
  • Conclusions delivered as a detailed narrative report

Focused / Custom Reviews

  • Evaluation of limited components of care
  • Typically focused on certain clinical questions or concerns such as, “Did an indication exist for a certain procedure?”, “Was the H & P thorough and complete?”, or “Were complications managed appropriately?”
  • Conclusions delivered in a limited narrative report

Reviews of Specific Elements

  • Designed to address a limited number of questions
  • Rather than a narrative report, a descriptive table is developed, outlining assessment of each element
  • Conclusions delivered within table and supported by brief commentary

Medical Necessity and Audit Reviews

  • Reviews to determine if care was reasonable, necessary, or appropriate
  • Conclusions provided in a professional, complete report that assesses whether patient records contain appropriate rationale for the care provided, supported by sufficient information, and meet ethical practice and compliance standards

Fair Hearing Support

The fair hearing process is extremely sensitive and challenging for many healthcare organizations. We recognize the importance of a structured, proven process and provide support leading up to, and including, the fair hearing and are available to assist in several ways such as:

  • Aligning participants with respect to expectations
  • Scheduling planning sessions with hospital leadership, legal counsel, physician reviewer(s), and MDReview leadership
  • Coordinating availability of reviewer(s) for meetings and the fair hearing
  • Managing medical records relevant to the proceedings
  • Providing a secure system for the sharing of electronic documents
  • Serving as a conduit for communication among peer review related participants

“We had a need for a complicated cardiothoracic surgery review. The report MDReview provided was comprehensive in content, well organized, and clearly answered the clinical question posed by our committee. The staff at MDReview was responsive, helpful, and very professional. We will definitely use them again.”

Peer Review Coordinator
Multi-Facility Non-Profit Health System

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