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Taking Action or Waiting For Direction?

There are two kinds of people in life: those who take action and those who wait for direction. Which one are you? Most likely, at this moment you are validating to yourself that you are a person who takes action, a go-getter, a person who takes charge when or if needed.

You convince yourself that you are indeed an action-oriented person because you manage to have a full-time job, coordinate the family schedule, pay the bills, volunteer at the school, initiate the weekend plans with friends, plan family meals, organize the daily carpool, help coach the local sports team, exercise daily, take a full load of college courses and you cannot possibly add one more task in your day. You certainly are not one who waits for someone to tell you what to do. Doesn’t everyone relate to that person?

The truth is only a small percentage of people take action and are what the world likes to call “leaders.”

Nearly all other people wait for direction from what life dictates to them on any given day. Are you the committee chairperson or are you a working member of the committee? Are you the head organizer of a cause or are you the assistant? Are you the leader of a project or are you a member of the group? Are you the president of your association or do you hold membership? Are you a first responder type or do you wait for the person in charge to wave you on over to help? There is no doubt that whichever capacity one is in, it is essential. There is no doubt that any person whose day is filled with any of the aforementioned activities are the king or queen of their own life for sure. But does that make us all leaders? Are you actually taking action and addressing a need outside of your life’s bubble, or are you just following the directions and responding to what life’s activities are thrown your way, which makes you very active and busy for sure, but are you leading the action or being led?

Being an action-oriented person can be challenging and can be learned by anyone. In the healthcare market, it is not for the faint-hearted. It requires an individual who sees a problem and is a part of the solution. It calls for an enthusiastic individual who confidently steps in, intelligently speaks up, and respectfully initiates improvement to the inefficiency. While leaders and followers are a necessity in every walk of life, including an office setting, leading the action can be more rewarding and impactful, than being a bystander waiting for direction as another day goes by. Will you take action today and become the change agent to make a difference?

If you are ready to be an action-oriented agent in your own life, consider joining our network and becoming a Hardenbergh Interim Staffing Consultant.