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MDReview External Peer Review Services

Our network of over 450 board-certified, actively practicing physician reviewers provide objective, unbiased and timely assessments.

Hardenbergh’s External Peer Review service, powered by MDReview, provides access to an unmatched network of reviewers covering all medical specialties and subspecialties.

Specifically, we offer several types of reviews, designed to address different needs:

Comprehensive Reviews

Comprehensive Reviews evaluate all aspects of clinical care provided to a patient, as well as specific questions asked by the client. The results are delivered as a detailed narrative report.

Custom Reviews

Focused or Custom Reviews evaluate limited components of care. Typically, these focus on a certain number of clinical questions or concerns posed by the client, such as, “Did an indication exist for a certain procedure?” “Was the H & P thorough and complete?” or “Were complications managed appropriately?” The results are then delivered in a limited narrative report.

Reviews of Specific Elements

A Review of Specific Elements addresses a limited number of questions posed by the client. Rather than a narrative report, a simple table is completed that outlines the assessment of each element. The results are delivered as a table supported by brief commentary.

Medical Necessity and Audit Reviews

Increasing federal regulation has resulted in the need for peer review to determine, in some cases, whether the care was reasonable, necessary, or appropriate. In response, we offer a professional and complete review that assesses whether patient records contain appropriate rationale for the care provided, supported by sufficient information, and meet ethical practice and compliance standards.


The Cardiac Intervention Necessity Assessment (CINA) provides health care organizations a specific, unbiased means to evaluate the medical necessity and appropriateness of PCI procedures performed at their facilities. CINA is an independent, external peer review utilizing well-accepted criteria in clearly establishing the clinical necessity of PCI. CINA can enable health care organizations to confidently offer the safest, highest quality of care for their patients while reducing the occurrence, risk, and cost of unnecessary procedures.

Fair Hearing Support

The fair hearing process is extremely sensitive and challenging for many healthcare organizations. We recognize the importance of a structured, proven process and provide support leading up to, and including, the fair hearing and are available to assist in several ways such as:

  • Aligning participants with respect to expectations
  • Scheduling planning sessions with hospital leadership, legal counsel, physician reviewer(s), and MDReview leadership
  • Coordinating availability of reviewer(s) for meetings and the fair hearing
  • Managing medical records relevant to the proceedings
  • Providing a secure system for the sharing of electronic documents
  • Serving as a conduit for communication among peer review related participants