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MSPs – How to Assess Urgent, Emergent and Important Issues

MSPs carry the burden of the inevitable “ask” to do the impossible, whether it’s Temporary Privileges asked for late on a Friday afternoon that are needed by Monday morning, a lost badge for an on-call Physician working over the weekend, a collegial intervention that has turned into a suspension, or modification of privileges to name a few. Do you fall into the trap of the 24/7 MSP who always rises to the occasion to “get it done” at all costs?

Our webinar will address how to professionally manage these “asks” and determine what is urgent, emergent or important (UEI) and how this can help prioritize “asks,” provide education and a reality check for those who expect the impossible. You will learn how to evolve away from being the 24/7 MSP to the 007 MSP – practical, great in a crisis, and resourceful by assessing risk, prioritizing effectively, setting realistic expectations and ultimately, protecting your patients by standing your ground.

Presented live on June 15, 2022 by: Maggie Palmer, MSA, CPCS, CPMSM, Vice President, Medical Staff Services & Regulatory Affairs, Parkland Health.

Please note, NAMSS-approved CE credit is only available for those who attended the webinar live.