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What Does a Temporary Medical Services Professional Do?

Your Director of Medical Staff Services just resigned. A credentialing specialist is heading out on maternity leave. Your hospital is going through a merger or acquisition or perhaps your department is struggling with an unusually heavy workload. Already juggling too much, and with the stress mounting, these looming vacancies or increased workloads probably have you breaking a sweat. Sound familiar?

Whatever issue you’re dealing with, you’re likely looking for help to fill vacancies or resource gaps in your medical staff services department. In the past, you may have turned to your facility’s HR department or to a temp agency for help. But more often than not, you have likely found that these entities had a difficult time translating your needs into an effective hire.

Think about it: You wouldn’t ask a total stranger to choose a special gift for your significant other, would you? Probably not. You’d want someone who really knows your significant other to help you choose the perfect gift for him or her. The same goes for asking someone to help you fill gaps in your medical staff services department. You want someone who really knows your industry and knows what you’re dealing with because they’ve been there, too.

What is the Best Type of Professional to Call?

An temporary medical staff services firm differs from an HR department or temp agency, because it focuses on one thing: providing your medical staff office (MSO), credentialing, or provider enrollment departments with the certified, highly experienced professionals you need to keep your operations running smoothly.

What makes the professionals provided by a temporary medical staff services firm different from those your HR department or a temp agency would use? Experience.

How do I Choose the Right Type of Company?

A good firm will take time to understand your specific needs, be responsive, and easy to work with. It will also have:

Simple and efficient contracting

Many staffing firms’ contracts are complicated, forcing you to deal with retainers or minimums. These items can delay contract approval, creating more stress for you and your department. A good firm uses simple, flexible contracting that allows you to get the support you need faster.

Qualified candidates

You need to fill a specific role and you need a highly-skilled candidate for the job. The right firm will have a deep pool of qualified, certified and thoroughly vetted candidates with appropriate NAMSS certifications relevant for the role they will be serving in.

Successful track record

Just like you want to ensure the temporary staff you’re hiring is well-qualified, you want to ensure the firm you’re using is too. Make sure your temporary medical staff services firm has a track record of success, can provide examples of placements similar to what your needs are, and has clients you can call for references.

Expert Colleagues in the Field

Remember that candidate who can hit the ground running on day one, which we mentioned above? That only happens when you work with a firm who has been in your shoes—literally. A professional who knows the ins and outs of your daily operations and the requirements of the role to be filled, because they have held that position.

The next time you find your MSO, credentialing, or provider enrollment department in need of assistance, consider contacting a temporary medical staff services firm. The best firm will get to know your specific situation and quickly match the right professional to your needs so that you can keep your daily operations moving smoothly and seamlessly. Ready to see how we can help? The Hardenbergh Group is the market leader among temporary medical staff services providers. Contact us today to see how we can fill the staffing gap with professionals who know exactly what to do– because they have been there too.

The right temporary medical staff services firm will provide you a qualified, certified professional who can hit the ground running on day one and have an immediate impact.