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Troublesome Physicians and Providers – Your Questions Answered
Consulting, Peer Review, Physician Leadership
As a follow-up to our webinar, Brock Bordelon, MD, Medical Director at Hardenbergh, answers your questions about how to better identify, support and rehabilitate medical staff members struggling with troublesome behavior. Read more about how to effectively manage behavior that crosses the line.
Value-Based Healthcare and Its Impact on Credentialing, Privileging and Quality
Consulting, Credentialing, MSPs, Physician Leadership
Improving a patient's clinical outcomes relative to the cost of care is a goal embraced by stakeholders across a health continuum.
Provider Data Integrity & Governance – What, Why, How, Who and Best Practices
Consulting, Credentialing, MSPs, Technology
Accurate, reliable, consistent provider data is critical for onboarding, credentialing, privileging, enrollment, and provider directories.
Power of Robotic Process Automation – Friend, Not Foe
Consulting, Credentialing, MSPs, Technology
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) sounds intimidating, but it is nothing more than automating human process activities to make things more streamlined, improve efficiencies and improve accuracy.
Don’t Fear the CVO
Consulting, Credentialing
The credentialing process is very time consuming, particularly when in-house resources are stretched thin and duplicate processes across multiple service lines add more to the workload.
Digital Transformation and the Impact on Medical Staff Services
Consulting, Physician Leadership, Professional Staffing, Technology
The emergence of digital healthcare and ongoing issues with patient “access” have created opportunities for MSPs to innovate and make a difference in their profession, career path, and healthcare organization.
Lessons Learned from “Dr. Death”
Consulting, Credentialing, MSPs, Physician Leadership, Professional Staffing
The popular podcast series Dr. Death, which covers the story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a former neurosurgeon convicted of gross malpractice who is now serving a life sentence in prison, has captured the nation’s imagination.
Taking the Medical Staff Office Paperless Is on Everyone’s To-Do List If They Are Still Shuffling Paper, but How Do You Reach the Finish Line?
Consulting, MSPs, Professional Staffing
Everyone knows that going paperless has advantages. Most medical staff offices (MSOs) have made strides toward going paperless, but some processes often linger and still need to transition. Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) planning to reduce or eliminate those final paper processes will likely encounter challenges. However, any MSO can finish the transition with some planning and preparation.
Case Studies
Controlling Costs After an Acquisition
Consulting, Professional Staffing
The Hardenbergh Group’s client, a large, Connecticut acute care hospital, has served its community for decades. The hospital was acquired by a major hospital and health system in 2015. The hospital turned to The Hardenbergh Group to fill its void.
Case Studies
Help During Launch of a CVO
Consulting, Professional Staffing
Leadership at Allina Health, a large Minneapolis-based healthcare system operating 11 hospitals and more than 90 clinics across Minnesota and western Wisconsin, saw the need to launch its own credentials verifications organization (CVO) to improve efficiency in reviewing and approving prospective physician applications.
What Does a Temporary Medical Services Professional Do?
Consulting, MSPs, Professional Staffing
Your Director of Medical Staff Services just resigned. A credentialing specialist is heading out on maternity leave. Your hospital is going through a merger or acquisition or perhaps your department is struggling with an unusually heavy workload.
Medical Staff Services and Credentialing Consultant: 15 Character Traits to Determine If You Are Ready to Hit the Road as an MSP
Consulting, Credentialing, MSPs, Professional Staffing
How do you know if you are ready to take that plunge of leaving a secure 9-to-5 job and embark on a new career as an independent consultant or contractor in medical staff services and/or credentialing?
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