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Value-Based Healthcare and Its Impact on Credentialing, Privileging and Quality
Consulting, Credentialing, MSPs, Physician Leadership
Improving a patient's clinical outcomes relative to the cost of care is a goal embraced by stakeholders across a health continuum.
Preparing for a Regulatory Survey: Tips and Best Practices from a Former Surveyor
MSPs, Physician Leadership
Preparing for a regulatory survey can be a daunting, and at times, overwhelming task; but there are steps you can take to help your organization with survey readiness.
Late Career Provider Policies: The Current Legal Landscape
Physician Leadership
It is estimated that only 5 – 10% of U.S. hospitals mandate screening of late career physicians. Some hospitals assert that these late career screening policies are necessary to decrease risk of harm and litigation.
The Medical Staff Leader, Attorney and MSP – A Critical Partnership
MSPs, Physician Leadership
This presentation will highlight the interactions between the Medical Services Professional, the Medical Staff Leader and the Attorney.
Troublesome Physicians – Challenges, Success Stories and Lessons Learned
Physician Leadership
The evaluation and varied methods of management of physicians and physician extenders who exhibit troublesome behavior presents unique, and at times, daunting challenges.
The Physician Leader and MSP – A Critical Partnership
MSPs, Physician Leadership
Many physician leaders, both paid and volunteer, find themselves appointed, elected, or hired into leadership positions with little or no leadership training.
Establishing Quality Metrics and Clinical Benchmarks for Telehealth Programs
MSPs, Physician Leadership, Professional Staffing, Telehealth
Telehealth is changing the health care landscape forever. Many organizations are requesting guidance on how to adapt their practices and performance measures to successfully deliver telehealth services.
Digital Transformation and the Impact on Medical Staff Services
Consulting, Physician Leadership, Professional Staffing, Technology
The emergence of digital healthcare and ongoing issues with patient “access” have created opportunities for MSPs to innovate and make a difference in their profession, career path, and healthcare organization.
Lessons Learned from “Dr. Death”
Consulting, Credentialing, MSPs, Physician Leadership, Professional Staffing
The popular podcast series Dr. Death, which covers the story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a former neurosurgeon convicted of gross malpractice who is now serving a life sentence in prison, has captured the nation’s imagination.
Taking Action or Waiting For Direction?
Consulting, Physician Leadership
There are two kinds of people in life: those who take action and those who wait for direction. Which one are you? Most likely, at this moment you are validating to yourself that you are a person who takes action, a go-getter, a person who takes charge when or if needed.